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2020 Rocket League Spring Series Announced After 9th Worlds Cancellation

Psyonix, the developer behind Rocket League that recently got acquired by Fortnite makers Epic Games, today announced a new Esports undertaking concerning its globally beloved video game that combines football with rockets, as its name implies quite directly.

The project itself revolves around the 2020 Rocket League Spring Series scheduled to begin early next month, i.e. in April. Psyonix’s announcement follows the recent cancellation of the Season 9 World Championship in Rocket League which stemmed from the ongoing economic uncertainty caused by health concerns outside of the game’s Esports community’s scope of influence.

So, while it still appears this year won’t yield a new seasonal global champion in Rocket League, this newly unveiled spring event will be the first of several which will attempt to keep the game’s Esports scene chugging along. Four such regional championships are now in the works, to which Psyionix is adding about $250,000 in total prize pool funds. Of course, the focus of this handful of smaller-scope projects will on online audiences as real-life gatherings of large groups of people are presently not safe due to the health concerns you’re certainly already aware of.

Each of the upcoming Rocket League regionals will have eight teams competing in total, with the competitor pool encompassing the rosters that have already qualified for the Season 9 Regional Championship. The other half of the competing teams will win their slots thourgh a series of open qualifiers, Psyionix confirmed.

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