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All-Women Fortnite Team Sponsor Resumes Gender Equality Pursuit In Esports

Bumble, the sponsor behind the first-ever all-women team of competitive Fortnite players, has partnered up with Gen.G in order to continue its pursuit of gender equality in Esports.

The move translates to yet another public call for applicants as the two partners are now seeking to put together an all-women Esports team under the brand umbrella of Valorant. Bumble itself is in the business that’s extremely close to the spirit of this search seeing how it manages a social media and networking app for women.

But both partners are ultimately hoping to help champion the ideas of gender equality all throughout esports and gaming in general. Which starts with creating a safer environment for identifying and nurturing gaming talent among women.

The all-women Fortnite team mentioned above was sort of a trial run for Bumble; one which helped the company learn a lot about what it takes to pursue this ambitious mission, according to Arnold Hur, its Chief Operating Officer.

The new Valorant team is putting together will include Madison Mann, better known by her online alias Maddiesuun, an established Fortnite player who previously joined the seminal Team Bumble Fortnite roster. She will serve as a mentor of this new team that is being put together, the company confirmed.

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