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India’s Best Tekken 7 Player Feels Burdened By The Great Lockdown

Abhinav Tejan, better known by his digital gaming alias TK_Tejan, who is currently the highest-ranked Tekken 7 player from India in the entire world, opened up on recent global developments that affected pretty much every human being on the planet.

Of course, we’re talking about the government-mandated lockdowns designed to address major health concerns that you’ve certainly read heard about by now. In that regard, Esports were far from the hardest-hit industries, seeing how video games, even at a professional level of multiplayer competition, can still survive in an online-only world devoid of physical events.

Yet Tejan still feels that the recent shutdowns and consequent event cancellations affected his Tekken 7 performance. On the highest level of professional competition, offline events are actually a crucial component of refining one’s gameplay skills, Tejan said in a recent interview.

In that regard, he feels the current lack of opportunities for real-world gatherings is impacting his ability to perform. The 27-year-old is also not spending all of the extra time he now has on Tekken 7 but is playing a wider variety of games in an attempt to combat monotony.

After all, the number one purpose of all sports, Esports included, is to entertain, and this particular Tekken 7 star isn’t really feeling that entertainment factor right now.

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