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Ninja Criticizes Better CoD: Warzone Anti-Cheat Measures

Richard Tyler Blevins, better known by his alias Ninja, recently expressed his frustrations with the state of Call of Duty: Warzone in regards to its ability to deal with cheaters. Cheating has been rampant ever since the game’s release and Ninja is not the first high-profile player to publicly call attention to the issue, but as time goes on, it is unclear whether this situation is something that can ever be truly resolved.

His critique, shared via Twitter, was even worded in a rather positive fashion, as much as something like that could be. More specifically, Ninja argued it’s a testament to CoD: Warzone’s greatness that the game continues being played by the most successful streamers on a daily basis, despite the fact all of them are killed by cheaters “every other game.” The claim, in essence, calls attention to cheating being a problem even at one of the highest possible levels of competition which can be experienced.

Ninja Complaining Warzone

Activision-Blizzard keep suing the biggest distributors of cheats but their availability is still extremely widespread, whether because they are easy to make, implement, or (usually) both. This isn’t a PC-only issue, but it is most certainly particularly pronounced on personal computers due to the ease of system file modification.

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