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Leading Overwatch Strategy Coach Leaves Seoul Dynasty

Kim Hyeong-seok, better known by his gamer tag WizardHyeong, is leaving Seoul Dynasty, one of the most high-profile and accomplished professional Overwatch teams in the entire world of Esports.

The departure has been confirmed by both parties earlier today and is effective immediately. While unexpected from the perspective of the general public, the wording of the announcement and Kim’s own comment on the matter seem to imply the decision has been under consideration for some time now and isn’t nearly as sudden as the initial reaction from the team’s fandom might suggest.

Kim was Seoul Dynasty’s leading strategy coach, though his stint with the team wasn’t particularly long. It lasted just over a year, to be exact, or less if you only count the professional tournaments in which Seoul Dynasty participated in while he was in charge of strategic coaching.

Yet his departure does raise questions

A few of them have anything to do with Kim’s ability to coach Overwatch strategy. After all, it was under his mentorship that Seoul Dynasty reached its greatest heights ever by advancing to the Overwatch League 2020 Grand Finals which it only lost to San Francisco Shock.

Given that state of affairs, Kim likely won’t have any issues finding employment on the Overwatch Esports scene, assuming that is what he intends to do moving forward.

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