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A new ALIEN Tabletop RPG game is coming

From the rigorous world of the ALIEN films comes the ALIEN tabletop RPG that brings the space adventure to your home. The game was created thrugh a collaboration between Free League Publishing and 20th Century Fox. Players are immersed in the vast, dark and unfriendly void of space to explore the possibilities of the Outer Rim Frontier. The game is set to bring in unique characters and engaging gameplay experiences. Given the ominous warning that your character’s chances of survival are slim, it looks like the game will bring home the bloody horror the franchise is known for.

What do you mean “They” cut the power? How could they cut the power man?

The game, as described by its creators Free League Publishing, has two playable modes; campaign and cinematic. The campaign mode gives you long continuous play over multiple game sessions while you cruise the Alien universe freely. The cinematic play mode, however, takes you through pre-set scenarios adapted from the Alien films. This mode has been created to be played in a single session. The ALIEN Tabletop RPG takes you into the ‘everyday’ life of space: corporations going about their business of tapping valuable resources, rival governments waging aggressive cold wars, strange and deadly surprises dwelling in the shadows of every asteroid. Its a game crafted on hair-raising encounters at every turn.

ALIEN Tabletop comes with a 392-page rule book designed by the game director

It comes as a hardback book with cool illustrations. Accompanying it, there’s a set of maps and markers, a GM screen and a set of custom dice. To cap it all, for the hardcore fans out there, an official cannon consultant was on hand to oversee the story — making sure the mythology of the films was preserved.

The goodies in this incredible game will be available on the Free League website and retail shops worldwide soon.

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