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Epic Accuses Apple Of Holding All UE iOS Games Hostage

Epic Games today laid out a swath of new accusations aimed at Apple, all of which are just another episode in the duo’s ongoing dispute over iOS distribution options. The one that already saw Apple ban Fortnite from the iOS App Store, citing developer agreement violations on the part of Epic Games.

The studio behind the hit battle royale game is now accusing the iPhone maker of threatening to wreck its ability to support iOS games made with its Unreal Engine software as part of the dispute. According to a new cour filing, Apple is currently threatening to pull iOS support for Unreal Engine, which would basically make thousands, if not tens of thousands of high-quality iOS games literally unplayable on all currently supported iOS devices, ranging from the latest iPhones to iPads.

Epic describes the threat as being needlessly punitive, even as a form of retribution for its lawsuit against Apple as it doesn’t see the two as directly related. Of course, that’s not how it originally presented the issue at hand seeing how its main motivation is to force Apple into taking a smaller cut from its iOS revenues, including those generated by third-party software created using any contemporary Unreal Engine release.

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