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Bioware Details Anthem Changes And Future Plans

Bioware, one of Electronic Arts’ largest game development arms, is adamant to turn Anthem into a game that fans hoped for but ultimately ended up being disappointed by. Eventually, that is, according to the very top of the studio’s management.

More specifically, Bioware Director Christian Dailey recently took to the company’s official pages to detail some of the changes that are coming to Anthem, as well as the studio’s plans for the future of the game. A complete revamp of the equipment and looting system is at the center of these plans and will be completed in the coming months.

This particular change is also meant to deliver a new dimension of player agency in the sense that it will allow for loot modifications as an alternative to the more rigid looting experience available from day one. In terms of legendary items that the game labels “Exceptional,” you can expect a similar level of freedom.

More specifically, this means players will be able to hunt for items and equipment offering very specific bonuses and/or improvements instead of just investing their valuable time into outcomes that are way more random.

These changes will start going live in just a few weeks’ time, Mr. Dailey revealed.

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