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Bungie Details Next-Gen Destiny 2 Update

Video game developer and publisher Bungie today listed many details about the upcoming update to its hit online shooter Destiny 2. The new version of the game that is the focus of this latest communication is the one that is meant to bridge the gap between the current generation of gaming consoles and the upcoming one scheduled to hit the market in about a month from now.

More specifically, it would appear Bungie doesn’t intend to release a full-fledged next-gen version of Destiny 2 but will instead distribute a free update that will allow all existing players to continue enjoying the game on the next generation of consoles. After all, Destiny 2 may have once launched with an upfront fee but beyond that, it is very much developed and maintained in accordance with the best industry practices concerning the growingly popular games-as-a-serice business model seeing how it went free-to-play in the meantime.

Next Gen Destiny 2 Update

So, even if optimizing the game for an entirely new generation of systems takes tremendous effort, Bungie can still expect to profit from it by simply keeping the existing player base engaged. In terms of actual features, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will support 4K 60fps gameplay, whereas the Xbox Series S will remain capped at 1080p but offer equally smooth action at 60 frames per second.

Other novelties include an FOV slider, faster load times, and cross-gen multiplayer.

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