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Next-Gen Xbox Consoles Getting Prey, Dishonored, Wolfenstein Remasters: Rumor

Mere weeks after Microsoft announced its blockbuster acquisition of ZeniMax Media, it would appear the latter’s flagship studio, Bethesda Softworks, is working on quite a few remasters of iconic games for the next generation of its new parent’s gaming systems – Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

More specifically, Dishonored, Prey, and Wolfenstein franchises appear to be on their way to the next-gen Xbox platforms in the form of remastered collections. That’s according to a number of new ESRB ratings which were just spotted online earlier today. The exact titles of these products are Wolfenstein Alt History Collection and Dishonored & Prey The Arkane Collection.

While it’s possible Bethesda changes these names prior to releasing the reworked game collections, that isn’t a particularly likely outcome. Unsurprisingly, neither of the newly sighted video game bundles appear to have been rated for the PlayStation 5, which is to be expected from IPs that just got acquired by Sony’s greatest gaming rival in Microsoft. Both bundles seem to have been compiled as pretty straightforward purchases and while the Wolfenstein collection mentions microtransactions, it almost certainly refers to the limited number of comestics that can be purchased for Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

It’s presently unclear whether either release is planned for PC, especially seeing how all of the included games will soon be permanently available to Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate) subscribers.

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