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This GTA 5 Mod Will Recreate Chicago

A newly announced modding project led by Filip Vogleš promises to recreate the entirety of downtown Chicago and perhaps even a greater chunk of the Illinois metropolis inside of Grand Theft Auto V.

Even more than seven years since the original release of Rockstar’s hit open-world game, new modding projects continue to emerge, each more ambitious than the one before, and what’s even more impressive is that the vast majority of those actually end up being completed. Well, “completed” in a sense that they are playable from start to finish and offer most, if not all of the originally promised content.

Which makes us more than mildly optimistic about the prospects of this Chicago-focused undertaking, especially seeing how so much of the talent behind it is actually super-experienced in terms of GTA 5 modding. That was the good news, the not-so-good piece of information about this project is, ironically, also the reason we are pretty certain this mod will get completed in due time.

And it has to do with the fact that the developers behind it currently have zero plans for releasing it outside of their Patreon community which is currently in the double-digit number of subscribers, rising only gradually as the project continues to hit new milestones.

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