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Guild Wars 2 welcomes Lunar New Year 2021

The annual Lunar New Year festival just launched in Guild Wars 2, celebrating the beginning of the Year of Ox.

What to expect from these MMORPG festivities?

On February 2, 2021, Guild Wars 2 started celebrating the Year of the Ox in the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach. The festivities, which will last until the end of February, started with fireworks, games, delicious Canthan food, and traditional decorations. Everyone can join in after opening the Invitation to Lunar New Year, received in the in-game mail. Also, open lucky envelopes (contact Phaedra about these) to receive Essences of Luck, trophies, and other rare items. By demonstrating your agility and bravery, you’ll be able to earn favors from the celestial animals, as well as prizes. And by completing daily and festival achievements you’ll collect Fortune-Shining Aureate weapons and a Lunar-Enchanted Glove Box.

You can sign up for a mount race through Divinity’s Reach on your mounts or on foot, or transport to the Dragon Ball Arena for a team-based elimination match styled PvP activity with unique skills themed after dodgeball. Either way, you’ll find plenty of activities to fill up your time and the shortest month of the year will pass before you even realize it.