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Human Head Studios has closed down operations

The creator of the survival game Prey has finally brought its operations to an end. Human Head Studios which was founded in the late 1990s has shut down its operations, and its last game will be the action RPG Rune 2. Rune 2 which was supposed to be released on Steam next year was launched on Epic Store earlier this month. While this will be the final game that we will see from Human Head Studios, it will not be the end of the team, who are all moving to Bethesda.

Human Heads Studio Team Now In Bethesda

Katherine Stull (Human Head Community Manager) wrote in the company’s blog update that after 22 long years of creating games, the independent studio has been forced to shut its doors due to economic issues. She further stated that while the company is closing down, the amazing team that has been assembled are still very much together. Human Head Studios contacted Bethesda following its decision to fold, and its entire team were offered jobs. Additionally, a new project, Roundhouse Studios, is being formed from the team, and they are expected to take on a couple of mystery project in the coming months.

What Does This Mean For Rune 2?

Since Rune 2 came out only a few days ago, the future of the game is unclear. With the company closing operations, it suggests that preorders for the game couldn’t have been that great. As an online co-op and PvP game, it would be expected that Rune 2 should have a high degree of support. However, this does seem problematical since the developer has now shut down operations. The publisher of Rune 2, Ragnarok, has expressed shock following Human Head’s closure, seemingly they were unaware that this was being considered. However, it has promised to continue to provide support for the game.

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