Logitech introduced the G733, a new wireless gaming headset with RGB and Blu Voice microphone features. With 40 mm PRO-G sound drivers and DTS Headphone:X 2.0 technology, Logitech G733 should deliver precise sound, and deep bass. For gamers, this headset features distance awareness that provides detailed in-game sounds like a shot or movement direction. Along with the clearer dialogues from the large drivers, the new headset has Blue Voice microphone feature with real-time voice filters and noise reduction. In-game chats will be cleaner and more understandable with this trademark tech from Logitech. Due to its large drivers and DTS, the headset is suitable for music lovers alike.

Design is reminiscent of some of well-known Logitech product. G733 features dual-layer memory foam ear-pads and adjustable headband. The headset comes in four colors: blue, lilac, white and black. The casing is made from quality plastics, and overall build quality seems to be on the level for Logitech.

Gamers will value the Lightspeed connection that eliminates latency and is friendly towards the battery. Competitive and casual players will benefit from a fast 2.4 GHz wireless connection.

Earcups have RGB strips on both front-ends, and players can customize the color scheme and behavior in feature-rich Logitech G HUB software.

The new product is designed for both PC and PlayStation 4 gamers, with a strong indication that the next generation of Sony console that is coming this holiday season will also support G733.

Logitech G733 supposedly has excellent battery life with more than 29 hours of gameplay or listening to music, if you don’t go overboard with RGB. The headset charges over USB-C port, and it’s available for 149.99€.

First YouTube reviews already started going out, you can check one right here.