Microsoft Flight Simulator Trailer

It’s been six years since the last Microsoft Flight Simulator released, and that one was actually just a repackage of the old MFSX – from 2006.

This time, however, we’re getting a full-fledged new entry to the legendary flight sim franchise, so feast your eyes on one final trailer illustrating the beauty that French studio Asobo managed to capture with its in-house engine.

The game combines modern graphics with 2PT of mapping data loading on the fly

In many ways, not much has changed since the early ‘80s and the seminal Flight Simulator 1.0. Because Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) is still as much of a game as it is a tech showcase, this time for combining cutting-edge physics and models with two petabytes (2,000TB) of geographic data pulled from Bing Maps in real-time using Microsoft’s AI-assisted cloud platform Azure.

The eleventh installment of the showboaty flight sim series is releasing on Windows and Xbox One come August 18th.