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There is still hope for Anthem

Anthem is a game in critical condition, there’s no doubt about it. Its establishment was messy; great plans have been dropped due to the loss of high-profile personnel such as the lead producer, as well as the head of live service. To make it even worse, the top seasonal convention announced earlier this month barely made headlines.

Though EA has supported it, there is a good reason why fans might still have doubts about it. Kotaku warned that the reports on the impending demise of Anthem are fabricated. Bioware has developers in Edmonton and Austin planning a complete revamp of the game. Some call it Anthem 2.0 or Anthem Next.

Dilemma Between BioWare and EA

BioWare and EA are wondering how to distribute it, either through an array of updates, a single revamp, or an entirely new game. However, the site affirmed that most of the major systems, like the mission structure, loot, and game world, will change. One critical change would split the Tarsis game world into sections to allow developers to work on specific parts without having to worry about leakage bugs throughout the game world. This would help make Anthem more Destiny-like, especially in its basic structure. Some reports stated that they took several months to tear it down and figure the necessary changes and have been rebuilding for months now.

Even though there is no precise information, the important thing is that BioWare and EA are working out the details. Anthem needs critical changes and upgrades, and it’s all a gamble. Even though players won’t return, there is a likelihood of large scale turnarounds. Destiny 2 spent some years discovering its feet. Also, the considerable persistence of Hello Games took No Man’s Sky from being a major disappointment to an ultimately exciting game. Though Anthem requires much to be done, it’s not beyond the world of possibility. Just like Destiny 2 and Hello Games, Anthem too will be restored to an incredible game.

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