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Valve Launches Steam Festival That’s All About Free PC Game Demos

Valve today announced the beginning of its latest digital Steam event that won’t just offer hundreds of aggressive discounts on a wide variety of iconic games, underappreciated gems, and everything in between, but also draw attention to just as many other, independently developed and published PC releases by offering full-featured and entirely free trials of those very same titles.

This fall/autumn 2020 iteration of the seasonal festival runs from today until the 13th of October at 10AM PDT, so six full days or thereabout, depending on your exact time zone. It’s a unique opportunity to demo so many niche games that are rarely discounted and never available to trial at no extra cost, unless you’re willing to put up with Valve’s customer support, hardly its strong suit.

Of course, EU customers are legally entitled to a refund of pretty much any game within the first two hours from purchasing it, but they hardly had an intuitive method of exercising that right up until now, not that anything on that front is realistically changing moving forward. Just… enjoy the free game trials and deep discounts that Steam will be highlighting over the next six days and try not to think about its shortcomings that not even Gaben himself would be able to fix, in all his holiness and omnipotence.

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