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Valve devs pushing for a “normal” Half-Life game

The Half-Life series still has a future independent of VR technologies, at least if it’s up to the developers behind Half-Life: Alyx. Valve’s team behind this year’s hit VR game is eager to tackle a larger project in the same universe, with some of its members outright stating they’re “not afraid” of making another Half-Life game after their experience with Alyx.

This rare bit of reporting on the in-house sentiment regarding Half-Life comes from a newly published interactive storybook Half-Life: Alyx – Final Hours, authored by Geoff Keighley. The insider suggests that any larger project would still have to be approved from up top, contrary to frequent claims that Valve has a perfectly flat corporate structure.

The curse of number 3

Nearly 13 full years following the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Valve’s animosity toward number three is an established industry fact.

The original conclusion to Gordon Freeman’s journey fell apart following years of development plagued with technical difficulties and internal insistence on continuing the series’ perfect track record of genre-changing innovation. While it’s unlikely that any future game Valve releases will actually be called Half-Life 3, it seems there’s still hope for its story to be concluded in an interactive format that dares to look beyond Episode Two instead of yet another prequel.

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