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Watch Dogs: Legion To Offer RGB Gaming Heaven Thanks To MSI

Ubisoft and MSI just formalized a new partnership which is pretty much a guarantee that Watch Dogs: Legion will go above and beyond satisfying the almost universal love for RGB goodness that is so commonly encountered across the global gaming community.

The way they intend to deliver on this pretty specific promise is by working together on ensuring Watch Dogs: Legion offers full Ambient Link support from day one. That name belongs to MSI’s custom RGB management suite designed to do make LED-equipped PC components perform even better than a sum of their parts. Usually through very customizable, potentially even more complex synchronization procedures.

Due to this, Watch Dogs: Legion, when experienced on PC rigs with any level of Ambient Link support, will use those colorful lights to either enhance the atmosphere of the game regardless of what’s happening on the screen, help you actually play the game with contextual, informative keyboard lighting schemes highlighting relevant keys or using groups of them to notify or warn you about stuff, or do all of that, all at once.

On top of that, anyone who purchases one of a dozen recent MSI products compatible with this level of quality-of-life features until November 30th will receive a digital, Uplay copy of Watch Dogs: Legion free of charge. A pretty cool offer, especially this close to the release of a game that isn’t lacking in hype – which is slated for October 29th.

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