Linksys History

If you still believe in the American Dream, then you’ll definitely like the backstory of Linksys. The company was founded in 1988 by a Taiwanese couple that immigrated to the US. Back in the days they focused on networking devices, mostly on a smaller scale, where they successfully presented several product lines and services that got the attention of the big players within the industry. Soon enough their efforts were recognised by industry leaders within the same field, and at that point Cisco came in to the picture. Cisco followed their success on the US market for a while, and just 15 years after the companies formation they got an offer that they couldn’t refuse – $500M for all of their assets, including patents, products, software and talent. Linksys didn’t refuse, and soon enough we saw the acquisition gave birth to a new brand called “Linksys by Cisco”. Cisco offered which soon enough got recognised by the industry leaders within the same field. Cisco followed their success on the US market, and just 15 years after the companies formation Cisco made an offer to buy all of their assets, patents and products. Together they managed to introduce a wast portfolio of networking devices that catered to home users and smaller businesses, like routers (wired and wireless), VoIP equipment, switches, Internet video cameras and various network storage systems. Unfortunately the recession kicked in, and Cisco decided to sell the company to Belkin for an undisclosed amount, although it’s speculated that it was less than $250M.


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