Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Bungie Game Matter

More Details On Mysterious Bungie Game ‘Matter’ Revealed

Matter is the first truly next-generation video game in development at Bungie, but its existence has so far only been confirmed via a single...
Destiny 2 Forsaken

Don’t Expect Another Destiny 2 Expansion Like Forsaken, Bungie Says

Despite the fact that Destiny 2 is still going strong and will be looking to maintain or even build on its existing momentum once...
Confirmed For Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Instant Sparrow Summoning Confirmed For Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Instant Sparrow Summoning is a new gameplay mechanic that Bungie is developing for its hit online looter-shooter Destiny 2. The feature will be coming...
Destiny 2 to run 4k 60 fps on next gen

Bungie Details Next-Gen Destiny 2 Update

Video game developer and publisher Bungie today listed many details about the upcoming update to its hit online shooter Destiny 2. The new version...
Destiny Anniversery failed

Destiny 2 Anniversary Celebrations Include New DLC Pass And More

Bungie today detailed the contents of the upcoming Destiny 2 update meant to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the franchise which is actually already...