Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Fortnite PS5 update next gen

Epic Reveals Next-Gen Fortnite Update For PS5, Xbox Series X

Epic Games today announced the most unsurprising announcement to come from its workshop in recent times - that concerning a free update to Fortnite...
Fortnite size smaller

Epic Finally Optimizing Fortnite’s Ridiculous PC File Size

More than three and a half years after its initial release on Windows PCs, Fortnite Battle Royale is at last being treated to a...
Fortnite Samsung Collab Promotion

Samsung Adds Fortnite Incentives To Galaxy Tab S7

There are many reasons to buy the Galaxy Tab S7 and Fortnite is now becoming one of them. As Samsung and Epic Games today...
Fortnite Ghost Rider Cup

Marvel, Fortnite Up The Crossover Craziness, This Time Starring Daredevil

Fortnite is teaming up with Disney's ever-busy comicbook veterans from Marvel to once again do - what else than - up the in-game craziness...
Rocket League Free tO play

Rocket League Is Free To Play As Of Today

In accordance with what Psyonix announced earlier this year, the studio behind Rocket League that is now part of the Epic Games family has...
Fortnite Themesed Nintendo Switch Released

Limited Fortnite-Themed Nitendo Switch Bundle Announced

Nintendo and Epic Games today announced a new limited gaming tech bundle including a unique Switch consoled themed after Fortnite. Which would be that...
Epic Accuses Apple

Epic Accuses Apple Of Holding All UE iOS Games Hostage

Epic Games today laid out a swath of new accusations aimed at Apple, all of which are just another episode in the duo's ongoing...
Sony Invests $250 Million In Fortnite

Sony Invests $250 Million In Fortnite Maker Epic Games

Diversified as it may be, Sony is still a company whose prospects are in large part inseparable from gaming, and that is precisely where...