Sunday, April 11, 2021
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GTA 5 Chicago

This GTA 5 Mod Will Recreate Chicago

A newly announced modding project led by Filip VogleŇ° promises to recreate the entirety of downtown Chicago and perhaps even a greater chunk of...
Rockstar Announces GTA5 Next Gen

Rockstar Announces New GTA… V For Next-Gen Consoles

Rockstar Games is 100% confirmed to be trolling us at this point, having just announced yet another piece of GTA news that aren't related...
GTA 5 Meets Cyberpunk 2077

GTA 5 Meets Cyberpunk 2077 Thanks To Some Hardcore Modders

The modding community that developed around Grand Theft Auto V is unlike any other such ecosystem in the history of gaming; at least in...
rockstar buys ruffian

Rockstar Acquires Halo, Crackdown Developers At Ruffian Games

Rockstar Games today announced the latest expansion of its already quite enormous family of studios that spans pretty much the entire planet. But, the...
Rockstar Games Backslash 7th anniversary

Rockstar Faces Fan Backlash For Forgetting GTA Online’s 7th Anniversary

Rockstar Games, one of the most successful video game developers ever, in no small part due to GTA V and GTA Online, two parts...