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Call of Duty: Mobile Hits 300 Million Downloads

In another milestone for both mobile gaming and Esports, in general, Call of Duty: Mobile surpassed 300 million downloads on all platforms. As revealed by...

Call of Duty: Mobile Anniversary Season 11 Launches With New Map

A year and one week ago, Call of Duty: Mobile arrived on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, proceeding to rack up...

Call of Duty: Cold War Beta Begins, Here’s How To Join

Activision-Blizzard is on the brink of releasing this year's addition to the iconic, if sometimes polarizing video game franchise - what else but Call...

Ninja Criticizes Better CoD: Warzone Anti-Cheat Measures

Richard Tyler Blevins, better known by his alias Ninja, recently expressed his frustrations with the state of Call of Duty: Warzone in regards to...

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