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ASUS Teams Up With Qualcomm On New Android Gaming Smartphone: Report

America's famous chip manufacturer Qualcomm is joining forces with Taiwanese consumer electronics experts at ASUS with the goal of creating a gaming smartphone. That,...

Snapdragon 732G Blurs The Lines Across Mobile Gaming Tiers

It's not the first attempt at this, but the Snapdragon 732G, Qualcomm's latest all-in-one mobile chip, does go out of its way to blur...

Samsung Gets Priority Treatment While Waiting For Snapdragon 865 Plus

Despite being possibly the only direct rival of Qualcomm's dominant system-on-chip business, Samsung is also the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world by some...

Snapdragon 690 is Qualcomm’s First Budget 5G Chip

Qualcomm today confirmed the existance of the Snapdragon 690 5G, its first budget chip compatible with the fifth generation of mobile connectivity technologies. Better...

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