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HTC Gifting Half-Life: Alyx To Vive Cosmos Elite Buyers

HTC today announced all buyers of the new Vive Cosmos Elite headset will be gifted Half-Life: Alyx along with their purchase. The bundle makes more...

Indie Adventure Separation Out On PSVR This Week

Separation is the name of a new PlayStation VR game that is out this week. It is an adventure made by Recluse Industries, a...

HTC Presents Vive Cosmos Modules For More Versatile VR

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC wants to add to the versatility of its Vive Cosmos series of virtual reality headgear. To that extent, it today announced...

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Welcome to our PlayStation News section, part of our Console Gaming News category. Under this section we're mainly covering PS5 News and PS4 News. Older consoles also get their spotlight, especially PS Vita News which we still hold dear.