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AMD Certain Ryzen 5000 Finally Bridges Single-Core Gap With Intel

AMD may not have been procrastrinating in recent years, but it also hasn’t been putting up any single-core performance numbers even remotely comparable to those of its main and pretty much only relevant rival in the PC segment – portable or otherwise – Intel.

Which has been a cause for quite a lot of concern and uneasiness over this period; not the type of behavior you’d expect from a would-be leader in the modern CPU space. Well, that curse may have finally been broken this year, as the newly announced Ryzen 5000 series supposedly bridges the single-core performance gap with Intel at the very long last.

Mind you, this is straight from the single-core horse’s mouth, so take it with a bit of proverbial salt before independent testing confirms this to be the case with an shred of consistency. Then again, AMD doesn’t really have a history of flat-out saying things that aren’t true, so yes, things seem to be looking up for its CPU business.

Which it decided to celebrate with what are essentially price hikes compared to last year’s hardware. The generational difference goes up to $50 in the very top end of the range where the Ryzen 9 5900X and Ryzen 9 5950X can be had for $549 and $799, respectively.

This also bumped up their stock value, which is always a good thing.

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