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6th-Generation Apple Watch Is Here, With No Truly Standout Feature

Apple announced the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6, with new fitness and wellness features designed to gives users more insight into their health, which is hardly a shocker.

The new watch comes with a blood oxygen monitor, with some minor hardware improvements, as well. You get a fast S6 system-in-package, and a next-generation altimeter with always-on functionality.

The Series 6 comes with an pretty extensive range of colors and a lineup featuring a collection of bands and various case finishes. The new model comes with automatic handwashing detection, family Setup, new workouts, sleep tracking, and the chance to share a watch face, encouraging users to stay connected, remain active, and make the adjustments they need to manage their health.

According to Apple Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Jeff Williams, “Apple Watch Series 6 redefines what a smartwatch can do.” Only according to him, mind you. Still, users can customize seven options for a watch face here, with stripes, GMT, Artist, and Chronograph Pro, while finding and sharing watch configurations with other users. The watch comes with Siri, maps, and new features like low-range VO2 max.

Check it out at the nearest Apple Store, as well as outlets from the company’s main distribution partners later this month!

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