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Canon Just Launched The Most Expensive Speedlite We’ve Ever Seen

If you are a pro photographer, a $500 speedlite is likely nothing out of the ordinary for you, just the cost of doing business. But if you were to envision an $1,100 one, you’d probably think of something way more impressive than the Speedlite EL-1.

Which would be Canon’s newest hotshoe flashgun that amazingly doesn’t even claim to be a flagship product. Instead, it’s more like a super luxurious secondary alternative for artificial light. One that will usually work off-camera akin to the old 600EX series. And it can soon be yours for the low, low price of one lightly used mid-range camera.

What it brings to the table that much cheaper rivals don’t is extra-long battery life encompassing about 335 full-power flashes. That’s roughly a third over the industry average, and another important distinction is that thanks to the new and improved Xenon tube at the heart of this product, the Speedlite EL-1 should actually be able to deplete its battery without overheating, unlike alternatives going for a fraction of its price.

It’s also shock and weather proof

But so is any flashgun over $300 that isn’t a scam. Speaking of a lot of money, the EU prices with an average VAT rate of 25% are in the ballpark of €1,300, just in case you needed a reminder that photography is an expensive hobby.

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