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Dell and Orange Working On 5G You May Actually Get To Use

We have been hearing about the fifth generation of mobile networks for what feels like at least one generation of mobile networks. But have little to show for it, as 5G still isn’t widely available in most corners of the globe.

Dell and Orange are, therefore, trying a different approach now by going back to the basics, so to speak, and building something that’s not just technically better than LTE but is superior in a way that matters for end users – consumers.

Because of that, customers of the Frensh wireless carrier may want to consider Dell for their next laptop as the newest, 2020 models from the Latitude family have been thoroughly optimized for use on the Orange 5G network. The poster boy of this new line is the Dell Latitude 9510, a 15-inch device with 5G support, as well as a handful of productivity apps harnessing the power of next-gen wireless speeds.

Of course, it is still up to app developers and content creators to figure out what to do with all this extra bandwidth that’s now opening up for use, but cloud gaming is already predicted to be a big benefactor of this generational shift.

Especially if Dell’s claims of a 30-hour battery life on a 5G connection hold up in practice.

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