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Adobe Giving Away Stock Photos In Bit To ‘Democratise Creativity’

Adobe is giving away tens of thousands of stock photographs, digital art, and other creations from its widely used database of digital assets. Free of charge, no strings attached, yes. For how long? For… the time being, it would seem.

To put that into perspective, this newly established, highly accessible database of digital assets even has an official name, as boring as it may be, with the company referring to it as the Adobe Stock free collection.

The driving force behind the idea is to democratise art, Adobe says, adding that everyone has a virtually limitless creative potential, so it’s all just a question of channeling this incredible source of energy and yadda, yadda.

Let’s not get into semantics, Adobe just made over 70,000 digital assets from its premium, rather-costly-to-assemble database, completely free, and it surely wasn’t motivated a warm feeling of belonging, less we’re talking about its hard-fought Fortune 500 membership which it has held for only three fragile years so far.

And yet so many website like Pexels are making a mockery of its licensing service by giving away high-quality assets in exchange for exposure that they then attempt to subsequently monetize, usually with little to no luck.

Yes, it’s as pathetic as it sounds and Adobe is eager to get into the doing stuff for free market out of the goodness of its heart because creativity is amazing and deserving of celebrations or something.

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