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GoPro Finally Starts Shipping Max Lens Mod For HERO9 Black

Following several minor delays that we’ve already accepted as an inevitable part of 2020, GoPro has now started shipping the Max Lens Mod for its recently launched HERO9 Black action camera.

The accessory was made official back in September, but as of today, you are able to order it directly from GoPro (almost) regardless of where in the world you’re located.While some of the company’s distributor partners managed to keep some minuscule stock in the meantime, that’s primarily a testament to their tragicomically self-defeating greed.

Fortunately, GoPro won’t be be trying to price-gouge on its own products and intends to retail the Max Lens Mod at a fixed $99 price point. Not to mention that GoPro subscribers placing an order directly with the California-based manufacturer are eligible for an attractive 30% discount on their purchase.

The product itself takes action image stabilization to a whole other level, mostly through clever software processing. It’s hence a pretty fitting addition to a camera meant to deliver excellent results in way-less-than-excellent scenarios with essentially no user input.

Of course, the HERO9 Black is the main investment here, but whomever gladly paid between $400 and $500 for a modern action camera will most likely be not just ready but excited to pair it with a dedicated stabilization module.

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