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HP Only Getting Started With VR, Vows New Enterprise Push

While its involvement in the virtual reality space was not exactly in question, HP feels it’s not to soon to remind the world VR tech is still here, a lot of it comes directly from Hewlett-Packard, and close to all of it is here to stay for as long as it takes for VR gear to become as ubiquitous as TVs, boasting adoption that’s comfortably above one or perhaps even two units per a U.S. household, as well as near-complete penetration only a couple of percentage points short of flawless.

Back to reality, HP’s newest virtual reality push comes with the HP Omnicept Solution, touted as the most intelligent piece of such headgear designed specifically for developers with an impressive SDK to boot, all within a single, unified platform in… well, ever.

What that means is the dev community just got some pretty neat new toys to play with, including the quiet very consistent portion of the sector composed of in-house software engineering talent.

There’s no way to tell what this dynamic industry might make with the HP Omnicept Solution in the near term, but however the platform pans out, HP is committed to maintaining its complete dedication to transparency and choice when it comes to user privacy. Its announcement obviously dosn’t go there outright, but that last sentence is meant to make you go something along the lines of: “oh, nice, as opposed to Facebook.” Becasue “yes” to both.

The Omnicept Solution, including the affiliated HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition headset, is coming out in spring of 2021. Pricing will depend on order size and be exclusively available on a wholesale, B2B level.

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