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HP Doubles Down On Wireless Gaming With New Omen Peripherals

The latest expansion of HP’s well-known ‘Omen’ gaming brand underlines perhaps the most consistent industry trend of the last few years, at least for peripherals. We’re talking about ditching wires, of course, which HP has already been a proponent of by releasing a variety of wireless PC gaming accessories.

The latest wave of those additions includes a trio of products leveraging HP’s Warp Wireless Technology. As you might have guessed, that name is meant to be a hint at how quickly these gadgets handle their PC communications. The new products themselves are the Vector Wireless Mouse, Spacer Wireless TKL Keyboard, and the Frequency Wireless Headset, all of which are prefixed by the Omen moniker, naturally.

The company appears to have toned down on the industrial design of its peripherals this time around, at least for a bit, with the result being in line with how clean and discreet the latest Omen gaming laptops announced several months ago look. These new peripherals will all be available for purchase no later than early December, spearheaded by the $169 Omen Frequency Wireless Headset.

The Vector Wireless Mouse will retail at $99, whereas the TLK Keyboard will set you back another $159. International pricing shouldn’t be too far off that mark but has yet to be confirmed.

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