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HTC Presents Vive Cosmos Modules For More Versatile VR

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC wants to add to the versatility of its Vive Cosmos series of virtual reality headgear. To that extent, it today announced three new modular faceplates compatible with the very same VR hardware, called the Vive Cosmos Elite, Vive Cosmos XR, and the Vive Cosmos Play.

Every one of them supports combined (since there are two screens technically, one for each eye) 2,880 x 1,700 resolutions, nearly twice as detailed as the original Vive headset. The Vive Cosmos Elite caters toward the most demanding power users who insist on super detailed external tracking.

It should hence be particularly enjoyable to use with precision-dependent titles such as Audica or the acclaimed turn-based FPS Superhot. The Vive Cosmos XR, meanwhile, was built for complete display passthrough to allow for mixed-reality experiences.

Finally, the Vive Cosmos Play is meant to be an entry-level doorway into the world of high-end VR gaming. Of those, the Vive Cosmos Elite is the only one with a firm price tag for now: it stands at $199, or $899 for a bundle including the Vive Cosmos headset itself.

It’s being released by the end of March, while the other two will be out later this year.

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