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HTC Vive XR Suite Will Help You Adjust To This New Reality

As many of us who have have been spending a lot more time at home this year can attest, being at home so much can be a pretty surreal experience. To the point that even one’s motivation suffers. HTC now aims to smooth out and speed up this adjustment period with a new collection of virtual reality content called the Vive XR Suite.

And as the goal of this idea is to help as many as possible, naturally, the majority of the content launching withing this offering will actually also be viewable in 2D without a VR headset on whatever monitor or smartphone display you have handy. But a VR head-mounted display is recommended for an optimal experience.

The Vive XR Suite itself consists of five main apps/platforms designed to power countless purpose-built experiences. Those would be VIVE Sessions, VIVE Social, VIVE Sync, VIVE Campus, and VIVE Museum. All of the actual content meant to help you both work and relax is currently accessible for free. Though HTC also plans to launch a premium version of the service by the end of summer.

And again, while 2D support is part of the package, the whole idea revolves around using VR to feel less isolated in both your work and private life, so that is very much the intended way to approach the Vive XR Suite.

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