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Huawei Launches ‘All-Scenario’ 5G Products In New AI Push

Huawei is launching several new 5G products in what is being presented as essentially an entire new strategy in regards to 21st-century technologies. The keyword here is “versatility” as the company is referring to this undertaking as an “all-scenario seamless AI life strategy” which… is a pretty self-explanatory name, really.

It’s all about showing how Huawei can power every technological aspect of everyday life moving into the next decade. So, these new 5G products range from the MatePad Pro 5G tablet and two Wi-Fi 6+ routers to multiple MateBook laptop models, as well as the AppGallery Android app storefront.

That last novelty is perhaps the one for which Huawei currently has the largest need as it continues to chart out way in which it could continue doing business as usual even if it is unable to use Google Mobile Services and GMS-reliant solutions, primarily the Play Store, for the foreseeable future.

So, this announcement is directed at the tech industry, in general, and not so much specific consumer groups. It is meant to say that Huawei has a sustainable plan for the following decade no matter what happens with politics, geopolitics, and other things it simply cannot hope to control.

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