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GMC Hummer EV Becomes World’s First Car To Use Unreal Engine

Hummer may be clawing its way into relevancy again, but the manner in which it’s doing so is truly something else. As evidenced by the fact that there’s absolutely no way you have expected this title to end like it did. But get used to hearing about cars using video game engines, according to the creators of by far the most widely used video game engine on the planet.

Of course, we’re talking about Fortnite developer Epic Games and biases aside, its pitch to GMC was pretty creative, if not outright amazing. Cue this UE-branded foray into the automaking segment, which comes down to the fact that modern vehicles are already so software-dependent that it’s about time they started investing into proper software development.

And what better tools to wield while making extremely user-centric interfaces if not those designed for the most user-centric, interactive medium of them all? If you’re not buying… well, Hummer did, and its upcoming EV, scheduled to be announced next Tuesday, October 20th, will hence be the first vehicle – electric or otherwise – to offer a UE-powered software suite. Which includes both the main dashboard system and the companion app for Android and iOS smartphones.


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