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Montblanc Launches Adventure-Ready Summit 2+ Smartwatch

The Summit 2+ is how luxury watch manufacturer Montblanc calls its newest smartwatch, announced earlier today.

Similar to the previous model in this series, the new device is advertised as a gadget perfect for adventurers and even hardcore survivalists navigating the outdoors. All the while being a looker and something you can don without thinking when you’re dressing to impress.

A pretty decent all-around performer, then, especially given how it still manages to be a luxury item and yet it’s planned to retail for around 1,050 pounds, or $1,350, depending on the exact market. Far from cheap, of course, but definitely on the more affordable end of the luxury smartwatch industry.

Way on the bottom of it, in fact.

The Summit 2+ uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 3100 promising days of battery life and consistent performance overall. There’s a newer version of this chip that just hit the market in recent weeks but doesn’t appear to be meaningful enough of an upgrade to be missed here. Especially as Montblanc is targeting an audience that isn’t concerned with the underlying tech as much as they care about getting the end results and looking good while doing so.

In that regard, the Summit 2+ should be everything it needs to be, and then some.

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