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Motorola Officially Demands Gaming Smartphone Crown For Moto Edge Series

Marketing is a complex thing but advertising? Not so much, so long as you remember the goal is to sell: make a statement and make a sale while retaining some logical consistency.

In the case of the Moto Edge and Moto Edge+, Motorola’s unexpected pair of flagships which the Lenovo subsidiary launched after several years of ignoring the market’s overcrowded ceiling, that claim is pretty simple, at least as far as the growing demographic of people who self-identify as mobile gamers is concerned.

It goes something like this: the Moto Edge line is the ultimate smartphone range for gaming on the go. The end.

Today, we’ve gotten a more elaborate defense of that brand promise which covers five reasons why Motorola’s advertising of these devices is backed by palpable value and not just fluffy buzzwords.

  • One: the Moto Gametime feature which lets you turn your Moto Edge(+) into a dedicated handheld console that won’t interrupt your gaming sessions with phone stuff like calls and WhatsApp notifications.
  • Two: the extra control shortcuts offered by its curved screen are super neat and pretty unique.
  • Three: the line’s 5G support has been specifically optimized for multiplayer gaming, which is an iffy one as it’s not really explained that well, so more buzz than word.
  • Four: award-winning audio tech is on board, which is true, even though not every or even many mobile gamers care about impressive surround sound techniques. And finally;
  • Number five: the claim of multi-day battery life holds water even if you factor in daily gaming sessions, which also sounds about right, as if Motorola has gotten one thing right in recent years, that would be smartphone battery life.

But you be the judge if these reasons, taken together, warrant the 2020 gaming smartphone crown.

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