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Meet Creator 15, MSI’s Best Workstation To Date

Earlier this Monday, computer hardware giant MSI announced the Creator 15, which is how it calls its latest Windows laptop custom-built for professional workloads. In addition to claiming this is its best workstation to date. Or joint-best, depending on whether you consider near-identical configurations in larger bodies with comparably larger screens to be separate products or just derivatives.

As the Creator 15 is launching after the Creator 17, an almost the same offering with a 17-inch screen, as the name says. The lineup comes with the latest component goodness which includes a 10th Gen Intel CPU up to the imposing i7 10875H processor, GeForce RTX Super class of Nvidia’s historic ray-tracing GPU lineup, and as much RAM and SSD storage space as you can expect a modern laptop to fit, depending on your budget.

All of that should translate to up to a 40% productivity boost, depending on your workload, compared to last year’s best workstations. And then there’s the unique True Pixel display with a pixel density of 220 PPI signaling true 4K support, top-level color gamut reproduction accuracy, and a bunch of smaller improvements helping it stake the claim of being a truly professional, yet fully portable image color-grading station.

The only bad news is we still have no release date or pricing structure to report alongside this otherwise impressive pitch, so stay tuned.

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