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Nikon Expands Full-Frame Portfolio With Z 7II, Z 6II Mirrorless Cameras

Nikon is doubling down on its mirrorless offerings, and what better way to do that than focusing on the full-frame format, arguably the most universally cherished among the big boys of modern photography?

Enter the Z 7II and Z 6II cameras, both promising a high degree of adaptability and quality-of-life improvements on par with the most meaningful photography breakthroughs in recent memory. Of the two, the Z 7II is what Nikon recommends to photographers prioritizing stills, noting they won’t have to wait long to get their hands on this pro-grade body – it’s hitting the market in December, unsurprisingly but boldly priced at $3,000.

The Nikon Z 6II, meanwhile, will offer an extremely similar range of photographic versatility, a near-identical level of image sharpness and overall quality, and even go out of its way to cater to a range of videography scenarios, without losing sight of arguably its primary goal – value, but value on that blurred border of enthusiast gear and undisputedly professional still photography cameras.

Which means its MSRP has been set at $2,000. Hardly cheap, but still notable because value is something very few cameras in this price bracket try or even need to prioritize. Which doesn’t mean enthusiasts already prepared to spend thousands on new photography gear won’t be happy to meet the Z 6II. In fact, Nikon’s quite open about counting on that reaction en masse.

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