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Nikon Now Offering Month-Long Home Trials Of 350+ Z 5/Lens Combos

Nikon today announced Yellow, a simply named initiative with an equally simple proposition. Take its decorated, perhaps even best-ever full-frame camera for stills, the Z 5 mirrorless shooter, name your lens out of over 350 existing NIKKOR pieces which are either natively made for the F-Mount or can be adapted via the FTZ Mount Adaptor that’s also yours if you want it, have all of that priority-shipped to you if you can’t or shouldn’t do the taking part literally and just spend a full month with your dream mirrorless camera combo without thinking about anything else.

Focus on the camera, see how it performs shooting stuff you like to shoot with a workflow you prefer to use and with that lens you would have picked up years ago if money wasn’t a factor. And after 30 full days of varying degrees of photographic bliss, you decide that this level of camera gear is something that you can’t justify or even just afford, or your better half believes either of those to be true – return all of it and get a full refund, no questions asked.

And how can we claim that’s just advertising fluff when Nikon backs that talk with a walk as confident as Yellow? Because this level of home trials only gets offered because no one expects the return rate to be beyond a rounding error. And you really need to be certain that your product is the absolute best of its kind to do that, so we can’t be anything but positive about this level of boldness because – we know it’s genuine.

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