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Pokemon Go Devs Resume AR Innovation Race With New Partners

One of the defining features of AR is how the tech outpaced its real-world applications. Despite AR being around for years, its most popular applications are simplistic experiences like Pokémon Go and measuring tools. Developers hope to advance the tech with next-gen hardware, but also with new experiences and games.

Punchdrunk, a theater production company, understands the power of immersion, or so it hopes. It’s productions like “Sleep-No-More” provided captivating audience experiences. Niantic, developer of the popular AR game Pokémon Go!, teams up with Punchdrunk for a collaboration spanning several projects. Details on the project and its launch remain unknown, with the duo keep it a closely guarded secret. Niantic has ten projects under development, with a plan to bring Catan, a beloved board game, to the AR realm.

Niantic continues to invest in the Niantic Real World Platform, allowing developers to tap its cloud resources. There is plenty that needs to happen for AR to receive mainstream adoption beyond viral videos and other hits. Some of the factors influencing the space are outside of Niantics control. The availability of AR glasses and the removal of social distancing remain as unknown factors in the company’s development plans.

However, its new partnership with Punchdrunk provides an interesting glimpse into the future of what’s in store for AR – and it’s exciting.

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