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Snapdragon 690 is Qualcomm’s First Budget 5G Chip

Qualcomm today confirmed the existance of the Snapdragon 690 5G, its first budget chip compatible with the fifth generation of mobile connectivity technologies. Better wireless Internet service isn’t the only potential benefit this system-on-chip offers to its smartphone hosts, as Qualcomm also equipped it to perform local AI computations in a variety of ways.

On-device AI is important in the sense that with everything relying on AI these days, you want as much of your data never leaving your device as possible. Due to both privacy and security concerns, to be exact. Qualcomm says it already accepted orders from HMD Global, meaning at least one future Nokia Android phone will use the Snapdragon 690 5G.

Additionally, LG Electronics, Wingtech, TCL, Sharp, and Motorola are all waiting in line for their own bulk orders to ship. With the announcement of this system on a chip, it is reasonable to expect the prices of 5G devices to drop sharply in the near future. As the entry-level market will jump on the 5G boat as well.

Now, if only wireless carriers are to kick things up in a higher gear because 5G connectivity is still nowhere near global availability and even in places where it is, its performance leaves much to be desired.

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