Razer Kishi iPhone Version

The Kishi is how Razer is calling its latest mobile gaming controller, now also available for the iPhone. It uses a retractable design, not unlike what the accessory industry has been iterating upon since at least the iPhone 5 days. Meaning the construction is pretty compact when not in use.

Slide an iPhone in it and you’re done

Razer is promising a console-quality portable gaming experience. Which doesn’t necessarily mean a lot, at least unless you compare it to the PS Vita, itself a failed product, but not due to lackluster design.

An iPhone paired with the Kishi should at the very least beat the flimsy feeling of the Nintendo Switch, so there is a legitimate argument in stating that this is above whatever level modern consoles – or just one consoler as of right now, really – can offer.

And it better be, as it’s going to set you back $99 or in the ballpark of €109, depending on the market. The Razer Kishi is releasing on September 15th. In the case of Europe, that date may be delayed by a few days which, again, depends on the exact market. Because niche products like these never really get made in huge volumes and tend to go with the flow, i.e. demand.

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