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Ring Intros A Literal Security Drone For Your Living Room

The Ring Always Home camera may not be the company’s largest product launch since Amazon acquired it in 2018, but it is surely within a shout for the wackiest one. Because behind that unimaginative name is a literal security drone. Yes, the flying thingy, but for your living room instead of the skies. Hey, at least that’s one place in the world that you know for a fact doesn’t require a flying permit.

At least, not unless you count the good graces of your significant other who still hasn’t kicked you out even after you keep spending all your money on niche gadgetry. Well, Amazon and Ring claim this creation has the potential to be way more than a niche product as it actually solves one pretty significant smart home challenge – it has your entire house covered with video footage without costing thousands of dollars.

Sure, the drone may need a few seconds to get going to where it needs to but it’s not like an integrated system 20 times more expensive doesn’t depend on sensor triggers, either. And at $249, the Ring Always Home autonomous flying camera most definitely looks like something many will be willing to take for a spin. Just think of the potential savings!

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