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Samsung Releases Galaxy Note 20 Series Globally

The Galaxy Note 20 series is available for purchase in most parts of the world, starting today. This includes the regular Galaxy Note 20, but also the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The latter is the “real” flagship in this release wave. As even the pricing Samsung cooked up pushes you toward the more expensive option because the base model, while still a flagship, doesn’t really make sense from a value standpoint.

As it’s a $650 phone with a $1,000 price tag. Maybe a $700 phone if we’re being super-generous. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, meanwhile, goes for $1,300, which won’t win it any best value awards but is certainly closer to the realm of sanity. And that is why this discrepancy is certainly not accidental. Nor does it prove Samsung is out of touch.

Whether this is a strategy that will actually pay off sales-wise is another matter. But with Huawei out of the smartphone flagship race until at least next season and weak business results up until this point of the year, Samsung is emboldened to try.

The price tags above can vary depending on the exact market, not to mention specific memory configurations, though all base models have at least 256GB to offer. Every Galaxy Note 20 model also offers 5G, or to be specific: every one sold internationally.

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