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Sony Acquires Nevion In Cloud Broadcasting Bet

Sony’s camera and video subsidiary Sony Imaging Products & Solutions is acquiring Norwegian virtual media technology provider Nevion AS, the two companies announced today. Founded in 1996, Nevion reinvented itself a few times over the years in service of the media industry. Its latest such undertaking was so successful, in fact, that Sony is now outright acquiring it in order to fully integrate its tech and come up with a truly end-to-end production solution for the media industry.

Broadcasting is the keyword here but the segment of IP/cloud production goes beyond live streams, especially in today’s world of constantly converging technologies and businesses. The media business itself has already partially transitioned away from conglomerates and toward individual creators thanks to YouTube, making targeting specific clients long-term a bigger challenge than it was at the turn of the century, for example.

Neither Sony nor Nevion attached any specific figure to the acquisition. Its immediate effects will probably be minimal, as well, seeing how Sony has already been collaborating quite closely with Nevion for years. Any deeper product-service integrations than what is currently available from their partnership will probably take longer to develop or they would have been offered already, even before this tie-up.

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