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11th Gen Intel Core CPUs Are Now Official

The 11th Gen Intel Core processors are official as of today. Intel’s latest CPUs are particularly noteworthy for their inclusion of the new Iris Xe graphics chips which promise to offer a significant upgrade to rendering capabilities of modern computers.

Well, primarily laptops, that is, as these are still integrated graphics solutions we’re talking about and they can’t hope to be equal to dedicated GPUs found in gaming enthusiast PCs.

As for the specifics of this generational boost, the 11th Gen Intel Core CPUs promise a 20% office productivity improvement, twice as fast game streaming, and 2.7 times faster content creation, which mostly means video rendering.

Of course, the actual figures all stem from Intel’s own laboratory testing and PR talk, so it probably wouldn’t be too wise to take it at face value. The point is that you can expect to see a significant difference in how these CPUs perform in the real world compared to any of their predecessors, even the most immediate, 2019 ones.

Intel is currently expecting over 150 notebook designs based on these new processors to hit the market in the next year or thereabout, and from all the usual suspects like Dell, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Razer, etc.

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